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Turnout matters – how Baton Rouge voters passed a tax increase

Turnout and intensity matter in elections. That’s the best way to explain how Baton Rouge voters, who both in 2009 and 2010 defeated proposed tax increases, passed a 10 mill property tax increase for the bus system (known locally as CATS) on the second attempt (an attempt to raise taxes to support the bus system […]

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Going Below 50

Recently, it was reported that those registered as Democrats in Louisiana dipped below 50% for the first time since the state started maintaining party registration statistics over five decades ago. This means that of those registered to vote as of August 1, 49.6% are Democrats, 27% are Republicans, and 23% are Independents. If you analyze […]

“Census Day in East Baton Rouge Parish” – Demographic Changes

Last month, 2010 Census data was released for Louisiana. This data showed that East Baton Rouge Parish grew 7% since 2000, and that its 2010 population of 440,171 makes it the largest parish in the state.  Though this rate of growth was faster than Louisiana’s, EBR’s growth was less than the national average. This 7% […]

2011 Louisiana voter purge/projected impact on reapportionment

Every so often (typically after an election cycle), the Louisiana Secretary of State purges the voter rolls of inactive voters. This is typically a low key affair, but this year’s voter purge was noteworthy because it confirmed something that many have suspected since Hurricane Katrina – Metro New Orleans (particularly Orleans Parish) has lost a significant number […]