Polling/Surveys (Public Opinion Polling)

Accurate polling is critical to the success of any campaign, and award winning JMC Enterprises of Louisiana/JMC Analytics and Polling takes very seriously its commitment to accurate and insightful polling results. We will work with your campaign on script development, coordinate all interactions with the phone vendor, develop the poll sample, produce the “top line” results and publish crosstabs to provide additional information about the electorate. With JMC Enterprises of Louisiana/JMC Analytics and Polling, polling is just more than number crunching — it’s about providing our clients with usable and insightful information they can use to make data-driven decisions on campaign strategy.

There are three ways to do public opinion polling /surveys: (1) text polling to cell phones, (2) traditional live operator surveys, or (3) use of a phone system to make the calls (also known as “robo polling” or “auto polling”). JMC can perform any combination of those three modes of calling a voter.

Polling/Surveys (Litigation Support)

A specific application of polling is its use to enable attorneys to be most effective in their work when determining trial strategy. More specifically, JMC has used polling to help both with jury profiling and gauging community sentiment about upcoming trials. JMC has been qualified by a Louisiana district court as an expert on polling and data analysis.