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Fantasy redistricting – Part II (Louisiana Supreme Court)

Background In the first installment of this series, we discussed the basics of redistricting. In this installment, we will put this theory into practice by developing a hypothetical map for the Louisiana Supreme Court, given current population estimates.

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Fantasy redistricting – Part I (Introduction)

In the political world, redistricting/reapportionment are the least understood parts of politics. This mystery is due to several factors: (1) this process is only undertaken once a decade upon release of the US Census population figures, (2) it is very much a politically charged exercise, and (3) only politicians (and their connected operatives) can really […]

St. George voter registration trends since 2008

Until recently, St. George was known locally in Baton Rouge both as a Catholic school/parish and the name of a fire protection district in the southern, unincorporated part of East Baton Rouge Parish.  That name today, however, has become a controversial term. So what is “St. George” all about ? To answer this question, some […]

Louisiana voter registration trends since 2009

Periodically, we like to analyze voter registration data provided monthly by the Secretary of State as a means of staying abreast of demographic/population trends in Louisiana. The most recent statistical report was published several days ago, and here’s what we saw:

2012 Louisiana Census Data

Recently, the US Census released interim population estimates showing population changes for all 50 states between April 2, 2010 (the date of the last Census) and July 1, 2012. While this interim count is an estimate, it is useful for tracking population changes throughout the decade to be able to predict future population/demographic changes.

Louisiana voter registration trends, 2001-2013 (Part II – Voter registration by age)

In the first part of our analysis, we examined changes in Louisiana voter registration over the past decade. There is another layer to this analysis to get a complete picture, however – examining voter registration data by a voter’s age, since the political views of each generation are invariably shaped by the political context of […]

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Louisiana voter registration trends, 2001-2013

Last summer, we had examined Louisiana voter registration (and associated trends) over the previous decade, and in that analysis, we discovered the following: Increased GOP voter registration A continuous decline in the number of white Democrats A black majority among registered Democrats A GOP plurality among white voters  Since that August 2012 analysis, the Presidential […]