Decision 2012: a picture is worth a thousand words (Part 4: Shreveport)

In the previous article, we graphically displayed the election results by precinct for Lafayette. This posting is devoted to Shreveport.

Shreveport was an area of the state that for years voted Republican both in “top of the ballot” contests and in legislative races. In recent years, a combination of slow population growth, an increase in black voter registration in Caddo Parish, and white out migration to neighboring Bossier Parish has moderated the politics of the area somewhat. Furthermore, this has been one region of the state that, since her initial election in 1996, has consistently given Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu an above average (for a Democrat) vote.

So while the area as a whole votes Republican, the combination of the black vote and some remaining populist Democratic sentiment among the rural white voters in this part of the state makes this a politically competitive area. To use an example, this area (which is in the 4th Congressional district) has had close races that were settled by less than 600 votes the last two times (in 1988 and in 2008) that the Congressional seat was open.

(Note: the color coding for all maps is the percent of the vote the Republican Presidential nominee received in each election. Also, the “black lines” are the current state House districts)

2004 Presidential Race - Shreveport

2004 Presidential Race – Shreveport











2008 Presidential Race - Shreveport

2008 Presidential Race – Shreveport











2012 Presidential Race - Shreveport

2012 Presidential Race – Shreveport