Decision 2014 – JMCEL scorecard as of August 16

Right now, 39 states have decided their party’s nominees for federal and statewide offices (Oklahoma’s runoff is on August 26, and there are three more primary dates before the November elections). Given that many of these November races are already underway, this is a good time to bring back the scorecard as a way of objectively assessing […]

Decision 2014: Shrinking the (East Baton Rouge Parish School) Board – JMCEL’s alternative “5-4″ plan

In a recent article, we had discussed and analyzed the recently revised redistricting plan for the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, given that they chose to shrink its size from 11 to 9 members. This redistricting plan was drawn with five white and four black majority districts, according to 2010 Census data. What this […]

Decision 2014: Shrinking the (East Baton Rouge Parish School) Board

Decision 2014: Shrinking the (East Baton Rouge Parish School) Board Last night, the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board voted 6-5 to reduce its membership from 11 to 9 members. Given the reduced size of the school board, what is the political impact of this redistricting plan ? First of all, two sets of incumbents […]

Decision 2014: Forecasting the November 2014 midterm election results

Will the 2014 midterm elections be a Republican blowout year, a mildly Republican year, or a year where Democrats “break even”? That is the central question of this election cycle, and you will get substantially different answers, depending on which political observers you talk to. With less than four months to go the November elections, […]

Decision 2014: Mississippi US Senate GOP runoff postmortem

Background (UPDATED 6/25 AM) With all but two precincts in Hinds County reporting, Senator Thad Cochran has improbably come back from what was to be a near certain defeat. How did he do so? Quite simply, Senator Cochran expanded the primary electorate by getting Democrats to vote in the Republican runoff – runoff turnout was 18% […]

Decision 2014: Mississippi US Senate GOP Runoff (JMCEL’s election night guide)

Background For the past three election cycles (2010, 2012, and 2014), Republican primaries/runoffs have an element of drama to them, as an ongoing tug of war has developed between those allied with “the Establishment” and those who are more sympathetic to party activists and are more TEA Party friendly. This tension has produced varying levels […]

Demographic changes in East Baton Rouge Parish – A quarter century “look back”

The Baton Rouge area is one part of Louisiana that does not have a well-defined image: John Maginnis once noted that “it was formed and is still largely controlled by outside forces.” Even today, it is inhabited by a “gumbo” of different groups: a large black minority of all economic strata, a significant professional population, […]

Decision 2014 – Testing the TEA Party in North Carolina and Ohio

JMCEL’s Scorecard Obama job approval (5/7 Real Clear Politics average): 44-52% approve/disapprove (was 43-52% approve/disapprove); Generic Ballot (5/7 Real Clear Politics average): 44-43% Republican/Democrat (was 41-41% Democrat/Republican); “Obamacare” support (5/7 Real Clear Politics average): 41-52% support/oppose (was 39-54% support/oppose); Congressional filing has closed in 35 states that have 366 House and 26 Senate races; Upcoming […]

Decision 2014: Handicapping the US Senate races

BACKGROUND In general, midterm elections are a good barometer of what the public thinks of the party in power. What makes this midterm election interesting is that the US Senate is up for grabs – Democrats currently control that chamber 55-45. The Senate is in play for three reasons: (1) midterm elections typically tilt against […]

Louisiana Census Data as of July 1, 2013

In our last posting, we discussed population changes from the perspective of changes in voter registration counts for all 144 legislative districts. In this article, we would like to examine population changes from Census data. This past week, the US Census released interim population estimates showing population changes for all 50 states between April 2, 2010 […]