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Decision 2012 – Can we trust the polls ?

Part I: Introduction In a political race (particularly the Presidential race), there is a “horse race” aspect to it: people (particularly influentials and campaign donors) are interested in knowing who’s ahead, who’s fallen behind, who has a chance, who is a lost cause, and so forth. One of the means this narrative can be shaped […]

JMCEL’s “Pulse of Louisiana” Poll – 2012 edition

Louisiana was one of the strongest states for John McCain in the 2008 election (in fact, it was one of three states that have steadily voted more Republican since the 1996 Presidential election). Even though Louisiana is not on anyone’s target list for the 2012 elections, we thought it would be worthwhile to poll the […]

Congressional (Republican Runoff) Poll in Oklahoma

The 2nd Congressional district of Oklahoma is the one Congressional district in the state that is more “southern” than “western.” For years, this orientation led to a solidly Democratic constituency even in top of the ballot races. That has changed, although Democrats still are formidable at the Congressional and local level. Recently, 8 year Democratic […]