Decision 2018: Mississippi U.S. Senate poll – Republican primary

The 1994 midterm election was part of not just a Republican landslide, but arguably was the initiating event of a political realignment in the rural Deep South that swept in many Republicans who before would not have been politically viable. Roger Wicker was one of those GOP House freshmen, and he then (by appointment) ascended to the U.S. Senate in 2007.

Senator Wicker was elected to a partial term in 2008, then to a full term in 2012. He is up for re-election this year and should be a shoo-in, although in recent years, Republican primary electorates have been less willing to rubber stamp their incumbents.

The Republican (as well as the Democratic) primary is on June 5, and JMC Analytics and Polling tested the Republican primary electorate to assess how strong of a hold on Republican primary voters Senator Wicker has.

The poll can be viewed here, and there are three main takeaways: (1) Senator Roger Wicker is in respectable shape (but is not invulnerable), (2) the Governor’s race is wide open on the Republican side, and (3) Economic issues by far are most important to the Mississippi Republican electorate.