Decision 2018: Nebraska statewide poll

In national elections, there is hardly a more Republican-friendly state than Nebraska (which hasn’t voted Democratic since the 1964 LBJ landslide). In statewide elections, it usually (but not always) votes for Republicans. In this poll, JMC tested the re-elect/job favorability numbers for Governor Pete Ricketts and Senator Deb Fischer (who won their last campaigns with 57 and 58% of the vote, respectively). President Trump’s job approval rating was also tested, as was the idea of arming school teachers.

The poll can be viewed here, and there are three main takeaways: (1) President Trump’s approval rating among Nebraskans has dropped noticeably since his nearly 2:1 win in 2016, (2) Governor Ricketts and Senator Fischer are underwater on both their re-elect and job approval numbers, and (3) Arming teachers is an overwhelmingly unpopular idea.