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2010 Midterm results: Part 6(C) – Another way of looking at U.S. House races

Now that the last House race (a Democratic held seat in New York that narrowly stayed in the Democratic column) has been settled, the House will now have 242 Republicans and 193 Democrats, which means that the GOP gained a net of 63 seats. We would like to revisit the issue of the Democrats’ hopes […]

2010 Midterm results: Part 6(B) – 2012 Presidential Race

In our prior posting about the House races, we briefly analyzed the 2012 Presidential race through the lens of the electoral behavior of each state during midterm elections.  We noted that “….At a minimum, the states which voted for McCain in 2008 are very unlikely to switch to Obama in 2012. States in the interior […]

2010 Midterm results: Part 6 – U.S. House races

From the Republicans’ perspective, the “crown jewel” of the 2010 midterm elections was the recapture, by a significant margin, of the U.S. House of Representatives. This house of Congress has been under Democratic control since 2007, and since 1955 has been Democratic controlled for 44 of the last 56 years. Few pundits, however, have bothered to delve into […]

2010 Midterm results: Part 5 – Louisiana Lt Governor’s race

The Louisiana Lieutenant Governor’s runoff was yet another example of the Republicans’ establishing an electoral beachhead in the midst of an anti Obama/Democratic wave that affected elections here in Louisiana. It didn’t hurt, either, that the Republicans had a familiar and well funded candidate in the race: Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, who has not […]

2010 Midterm results: Part 4 – Louisiana Senate race

The seemingly eternal Senate race that started in the summer of 2009 between David Vitter and Charlie Melancon has finally ended, and the verdict of the voters was clear: anything that smacked of President Obama and/or his Democratic policies was soundly rejected in most parts of state.  While Senator Vitter always maintained double digit leads […]

2010 Midterm results: Part 2 – Governor’s races

In our previous article about the Senate, we noted that GOP gains were respectable, but were hardly overwhelming, since there were multiple missed opportunities, in addition to the fact that many Senate races were held in unfavorable terrain. These and other factors prevented the GOP from recapturing the Senate – for now.