Grading the Election Night guide

It’s one thing to make predictions. Were they accurate ? We made predictions on 252 House, Senate, and or governor’s races. Though there are 15 races still outstanding, the “score” is as follows:

207 correct calls (82%)

30 incorrect calls (12%)

15 uncalled races (6%)

Now, for the excuses/mea culpas:

(1) 4 of the 30 we got wrong were due to more conservative Democrats getting caught up in the landslide – this is a case of landslides sweeping the relative innocents to defeat;

(2) 3 of the 30 were Senate pickups we thought would happen but didn’t due to weaker GOP candidates getting nominated;

(3) 21 of the 30 were House pickups which didn’t occur due to the concept of “the ones who got away” (explained here)

We will keep this sheet updated as the remaining races are called. The “report card” is here