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Aftershock of the “Massachusetts Miracle”

Last week, when we wrote on the “Obama plunge”in the wake of Republican Scott Brown’s upset victory in Massachusetts, we noted that a combination of 2008 Presidential election returns, 2008 House of Representative election results, and the voting record of House members on the “Big Three” of the stimulus, “cap and trade” and Obamacare could […]

Will voters “clean (Nancy Pelosi’s) House” this November ?

When we analyzed the Massachusetts election returns on January 19, we noted the presence of a phenomenon called the “Obama plunge”, which refers to the drop-off in Democratic support since the 2008 Presidential election in major statewide and/or Congressional elections. This drop-off is fueled by an energized conservative base and a significant plunge in Democratic […]

Special Elections (in Massachusetts) Do Matter !

Edward Kennedy’s death on August 25, 2009 gave Congressional Democrats a powerful assist in their efforts to pass healthcare reform, as this was an issue which he had championed for years. This assist was further strengthened when Massachusetts Democrats changed the law to allow for an interim (Democratic) replacement to be selected which would provide a […]