Decision 2016 – JMC Analytics and Polling’s Louisiana Presidential/US Senate Poll

JMC Analytics and Polling was recently commissioned by the Fleming campaign to poll Louisiana both for the Presidential and the (24 candidate) U.S. Senate race. Among its findings:

1.For the U.S. Senate race, five candidates once had a path to the runoff – now, four do;
2.On the Democratic side, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell essentially has clinched a runoff spot;
3. On the Republican side, Congressman John Fleming has catapulted into a lead among Republican voters; and if undecided “leaners” are included, will face Foster Campbell in the December 10 runoff;
4. Donald Trump has a seven point (45-38%) lead in Louisiana now – down from 10 points a month ago (and 15 points in July).

Poll results can be found here.