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JMCEL’s “Pulse of Louisiana” Poll

We recently conducted a statewide poll of likely voters regarding their opinions of President Obama, Senator Landrieu, and Senator Landrieu’s support of healthcare reform. We have posted the poll and/crosstabs here. Below are the summary results: President Obama re-elect: (33-58% Yes/No) Senator Landrieu re-elect: (40-42% Yes/No) Senator Landrieu healthcare vote make more likely to vote […]

Recent Louisiana Senate Poll

As much as some in the media and the political class persist in their belief that David Vitter is vulnerable even to a Republican primary challenger, another poll was released today showing Senator David Vitter with a another double digit lead (51-41%) over his likely Democratic opponent, Rep. Charlie Melancon. Several things about this poll are […]

Poll analysis for dummies

One of the features of any election cycle are the numerous polls conducted. These polls paint a narrative about how well a candidate or party is performing at a point in time or over time. And despite the fact that we love to complain about the undue influence of polls, it’s the “horse race” aspect […]