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Decision 2014: “Pregame” (Part 1: the 2013 elections)

Election season will soon be upon us. Though it is technically true that this is an “off year”, there are several elections occurring later this year that will set the stage for the 2014 midterm elections. In this installment of a two part article, we will discuss those 2013 elections that will set the tone […]

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Massachusetts Senate Race – why lightning didn’t strike twice

The 2010 election cycle, which was one of the most favorable for the Republicans since 1994, had its genesis in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, when a little known state senator named Scott Brown upset the Democratic Attorney General 52-47%. Lightning didn’t strike twice last night: Rep. Ed Markey (a Democrat with 37 years’ seniority in the […]

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Decision 2014 – GOP poll in West Virginia

Historically, West Virginia was a solidly Democratic state, with its rural and unionized industrial character. In fact, starting with the New Deal, the state only voted Republican in “landslide years” (1956, 1972, and 1984). Those voting habits changed in 2000, when Clinton administration policy regarding coal mining, as well as social/gun rights issues, enabled George […]

Can Mary Landrieu be defeated in 2014 ?

Historically, incumbent Democratic Senators in Louisiana have rarely worried about their re-election. In fact, in the past 30 years, an incumbent Democrat has only fallen below the 60% mark twice: (1) In 1980, the late Russell Long  was re-elected  by a 58-39% margin against Woody Jenkins (who was a Democrat back then), and (2) in […]