Congressional Redistricting in Louisiana – a modest proposal

The loss of a Congressional seat in Louisiana has complicated the redistricting picture. We have considered the “will of the people” as reported by the media in public/committee hearings, and as such, we have a Congressional reapportionment plan that attempts to please as many of the critics as possible. Specifically, we have heard the following feedback:

(1) Keep Lafourche/Terrebonne Parishes together;

(2) Two North Louisiana districts;

(3) Not splitting Acadia and Jeff Davis Parishes apart from Acadiana;

(4) Preserving a New Orleans based House seat;

(5) Adhering to current district lines as much as possible;

(6) “Compactness” – this is a relative term, since the population in Louisiana is not evenly distributed. Nevertheless, we wish to keep districts as compact as possible;

(7) Creating a “fair fight” between two Congressmen (so far, those two are Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry) who will have to run against each other (4/9 update – In this district, 380K constituents were from parishes Boustany represented, while 376K constituents were from parishes Landry represented);

Given the above, we have made an attempt to draw 6 Congressional districts which we like to think can satisfy 51% of the critics. Each district varies no more than 0.03% from the population of the “ideal district.”

JMC Enterprises of Louisiana Proposed Congressional Redistricting Plan