Louisiana Climate Change/Solutions Statewide Poll

Louisiana is a state that is the epicenter of the climate change debate in two different ways: (1) a large part of its economy is tied to oil, gas, and petrochemical production; (2) as a state with a considerable amount of wetlands along its coast, it is especially vulnerable to hurricanes and/or the rise in sea levels.

JMC was engaged by Americans for Carbon Dividends to conduct a poll not only about basic attitudes related to climate change, but proposed solutions as well. The following topics were covered in this poll:

1. Beliefs about the existence/seriousness of climate change and whether elected officials should take action;
2. Whether carbon polluters in foreign countries should be held accountable for their high emissions in products imported to the U.S;
3. Whether climate policy should be globally focused on charging foreign polluters for their high emissions;

The actual poll itself can be found here