Louisiana Climate Change/Solutions Statewide Poll (Part II)

In December 2022, JMC conducted a first-of-its-kind poll for an energy client to enhance the discussion around climate policy in Louisiana (that poll can be found here) – Louisiana’s dual role both as a coastal state and as a significant producer of energy makes this state “Ground Zero” for any discussions concerning climate policy.

The December 2022 poll tested both general attitudes on climate and the global nature of the issue. Specifically, we asked whether high-polluting countries (compared to the U.S.) should also be held accountable for their pollution when exporting to America.

The results showed overwhelming support for an “America First” trade approach, especially among very conservative Louisianans and those who do not believe in climate change. That poll also showed opportunities to advance trade policy that is aligned with climate policy. Elected officials have taken notice, and are acting.

Earlier this year, the Louisiana state legislature unanimously passed a resolution (found here) encouraging the Congressional delegation to enact trade policies that support U.S. businesses and workers while penalizing global polluters. And this past week, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy introduced legislation (found here) that holds China accountable for its high polluting imports, charging them a foreign pollution fee to help level the playing field for Louisiana and other domestic manufacturers.

In summary, aligning trade policy with climate policy resonates with voters even in a conservative state like Louisiana.