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Decision 2020: The Iowa Caucuses

(JMC note: entire article updated for vote counts as of 2/5/2020 PM, then on 2/11/2020 AM) The 2020 election season started off with a whimper (and certainly NOT a bang). Not only was a last minute poll bizarrely cancelled just before its public release, but (one day after the caucusing) we only have partial knowledge […]

Decision 2020: A new year, and a new election cycle

As the decade ends, a new election cycle (both in Louisiana and nationally) is about to begin. And technically (since ballots to overseas voters have already been sent out in New Hampshire) voting has already begun for what will be a multi-dimensional election cycle, with Presidential, Congressional, statewide, and local contests being held. Presidential race […]

Decision 2020: Alabama General Election U.S. Senate Poll

Alabama is a state in the Deep South that once had rock solid allegiance to the Democratic Party, but that allegiance has steadily declined over the past few decades: Republicans have continuously held the Governorship (with two exceptions) since 1986, and between 1996 and 2017, it elected two Republicans to the U.S. Senate. Furthermore, the […]

Decision 2019/2020: Dissecting the North Carolina special election results

The last unsettled Congressional election from 2018 has finally concluded, with Republicans holding onto a US House seat in the Charlotte, NC area that they have held since 1963. Republican Dan Bishop was elected by a 51-49% margin in a race that had to be rerun because of material instances of absentee ballot fraud in […]

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