Decision 2018: Colorado 3rd Congressional District Poll

The 3rd District of Colorado is located in the western Colorado and is an economically diverse district covering most of the picturesque Rocky Mountains. In the east is blue collar Pueblo, which has a large Hispanic population, as do some rural counties along the New Mexico border. Throughout the Rockies (in the heart of the district) are numerous and well known ski resort towns which are liberal politically. And in the northern part of the district are heavily Republican counties where oil/gas exploration and mining are the areas mainstays.

This unusual combination creates a district that is marginal politically and which is often fought over. Donald Trump carried this district 52-40%, and in Congressional races, the district has gone back and forth in its Congressional representation; its current incumbent (Republican Scott Tipton) was elected in the 2010 Republican wave and has never received more than 58% of the vote.

This is a race where JMC Analytics and Polling teamed up with Bold Blue Campaigns to poll this race, which has curiously seen very little attention from pollsters.

Poll results for the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado can be found here. Either John Couvillon ( or Steen Kirby ( may be contacted about the results.