Decision 2017: (Special Election) Alabama U.S. Senate poll #1 – General Election

For two decades, Jeff Sessions has represented Alabama in the United Senate Senate. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump chose Sessions to be Attorney General, and a special election is being called to fill his vacant seat.

Both parties held their primaries on August 15. The Democrats decided on Doug Jones in the primary. The Republican contest was settled in last week’s runoff, with former Chief Justice Roy Moore winning with 55% against appointed incumbent Luther Strange (who was supported by both President Trump and the U.S. Senate leadership). Now the race moves into “general election mode” between Moore and Jones, and that election will be held on December 12.

The poll can be viewed here, and there are two main takeaways: (1) Roy Moore starts off with a comfortable lead, but is below 50%; and (2) evangelical support continues to fuel Moore’s lead in the polls.