Decision 2017: (Special Election) Treasurer’s race poll #2

For nearly two decades, John Kennedy (originally elected in 1999 as a Democrat, and almost a decade later became a Republican) has served as Louisiana’s State Treasurer. In the December 2016 runoff, he was elected to the U.S. Senate, and a special election is being called in October to fill this vacant position.

This is one of several races that will be on the October 14 ballot, and JMC was engaged to poll this race. All qualified candidates running for Treasurer were ballot tested, and there are three main takeaways from this poll (which can be viewed here): (1) Derrick Edwards, by continuing to consolidate the Democratic vote, remains in the lead in this contest, (2) Republican Angele Davis continues to show steady growth and leads on the Republican side, and (3) neither Schroder nor Riser has shown any growth since candidate qualifying – in fact, Republican Terry Hughes has shown more movement than either Republican legislator.