Update on a modern (and transparent) way to poll major races

JMC’s first crowdfunded poll (the Senate Democratic primary race in Massachusetts was what a plurality of 2,124 Twitter voters chose) was a success (results can be found here)! Moving forward, I’m increasing “market choice” by allowing interested people in the political world to make a DIRECT decision as to what they want to have polled without the risk of their choice being “voted down.” And if the funding is there, JMC will make that poll happen !

Given public feedback received before the Massachusetts poll was released, two strong runner ups (the Senate races in Alabama and Colorado) emerged. And, of course, since Louisiana is my home, I’ve included Louisiana as well. Below are the GoFundMe links for each of those three states:




As to existing (or future) polls I do for my clients, nothing has changed – or will change. This is merely a new offering to fill a (huge) void in the market.

All polls done by me/my company (JMC Analytics and Polling) will be publicly released with crosstabs (as well as my summary analysis) as a way of encouraging transparent communication about how a given race is REALLY going.

And as always, thanks for your support over the years ! It really means a lot !