Decision 2020: Massachusetts U.S. Senate Democratic Primary Poll

Massachusetts is a state where Democrats are so dominant (although since 1990, it has generally elected Republican Governors) that you have occasional “town vs gown” factional fights. This Senate Democratic primary is one of those such fights.

This is the first crowdfunded poll JMC Analytics and Polling has conducted. 2,124 people on Twitter participated in deciding which race they wanted JMC was to poll, and by a 31-29% plurality over the Alabama Senate general election race, the Massachusetts Senate Democratic primary was selected – a Senate primary which is a veritable “Clash of the Titans” between a 44 year Congressional incumbent (Senator Ed Markey) and a descendant of the Kennedy clan (Congressman Joe Kennedy III).

Despite its political reputation, however, in Massachusetts, 57% of registered voters are unaffiliated, and they are allowed to participate in partisan primaries (another 33% are registered Democratic, while the remaining 10% are Republican). This level of participation matters very much in terms of the ultimate outcome, as there was a clear delineation of candidate support by party affiliation. Educational attainment and age (i.e., to what extent did the voter remember the legacy of the Kennedys) mattered as well.

The poll (and its crosstabs) can be found here.