Decision 2015 (Candidate qualifying): JMCEL’s “four hour warning” report

Candidate qualifying for the October 2015 elections started Tuesday and continues until 4:30 PM today. As of 12:30 PM today, there remain two observations from examining data on those who qualified for statewide, legislative, and BESE races:

“Return of the incumbents” – All who are not term limited out except for Rep. Ebony Woodruff (D-Harvey) have qualified by now;

What if they held an election and no one filed ? To put this statement in proper context, in the 2011 election cycle, 43 state representatives and 20 state senators were unopposed. As of 11:30 AM, 58 state representatives and 21 state senators have no opposition. Furthermore an additional 11 senate races and 31 representative races only have two candidates, which means they will definitely be resolved one way or another in the October primary. That leaves a theoretical maximum of 16 House and 7 Senate races that could be pushed into a November runoff.